SNAP-TEX Systems Australia supplies acoustic fabric panels suitable for covering walls and ceilings. Unlike conventional prefabricated panels, the acoustic fabric panels from SNAP-TEX Systems Australia has no limitations in size or shape. The site-installed nature of the panels assures perfect fit suitable for all kinds of design needs. Acoustic fabric panels from SNAP-TEX Systems Australia comes in variety of fabrics, substrate materials and thickness.

Fabric panels supplied by SNAP-TEX Systems Australia are idle solution for the acoustic needs of buildings. With both the aesthetic look and sound absorption system within in a single panel, SNAP-TEX panels are complete solutions for walls and ceilings.

The interlocking-jaw and flexible hinge of the SNAP-TEX panels helps the walls from sagging and displacing which is common in conventional friction fit systems. SNAP-TEX panels have sound absorption rates more than fiberglass systems, they are also fire resistant, damage resistant, replaceable and also gives high aesthetic looks to the walls and ceiling. SNAP-TEX panels are suitable for extreme weather conditions and can last for all kinds of environmental changes SNAP-TEX panels remain unaffected by variable degrees of tensions.