Stopline fixed fire windows from Smoke Control can span large openings to provide minimal disruption to views while protecting windows close to boundaries in accordance with C3.4 of The Building Code of Australia (BCA).  

These fixed fire windows use 6mm thick Pyroswiss extra fire-resistant glass that enables maximum transparency, allowing it to integrate perfectly alongside non-fire glass.  

Pyroswiss is manufactured by Vetrotech/St Gobain, one of the world’s oldest and most respected glass companies.  

Stopline fixed fire windows include a galvanised steel framing system that is coated both internally and externally to ensure long lasting corrosion protection.  

The standard frame profile is a slimline 50mm x 35mm section, one of the most slimline steel systems available on the market.  

Features of Stopline fixed fire windows:

  • Fire ratings up to two hours
  • Class A safety glass
  • Slimline framing 50 x 35mm
  • Available in powder-coated finish
  • Double glazed units available
  • Double galvanised frame for maximum corrosion protection

Maximum pane sizes:

  • Height: 3300mm
  • Width: 1200mm