Smoke Control’s  SmokeDam is a smoke baffle system made out of clear glass that helps with smoke ventilation in the case of a fire emergency.

Smoke baffle systems are commonly fitted to shopping centres and other large buildings for the purpose of encouraging the channelling of smoke away from one area to another area. This ensures damaging smoke is channelled away from emergency exists during fire emergencies. 

Various performance levels for the SmokeDam clear glass smoke baffle system are available including: 

  • BCA compliant toughened glass 
  • with laminated glazing for added durability 
  • with fire/smoke resistant glazing systems that exceed Building Code Requirements 
Other key benefits and features of the SmokeDam clear glass smoke baffle system includes: 
  • clear glass ensures building colour scheme is still maintained
  • supplied at a range of unlimited lengths 
  • proprietary brackets and supports provides for easy fitting to existing buildings. 
  • ideal for use with a combination of natural ventilation or mechanical smoke exhaust systems