Smoke Control  supplies a wide range of fire windows for installation on buildings situated on a boundary.

For those who are building or renovating on a boundary, Smoke Control can provide Autofire automatic closing/operable fire windows and Stopline fixed fire windows.

Smoke Control recently installed eight 900mm x 900mm Autofire automatic closing/operable fire windows onto a home in Eastwood built on a boundary.

Conventional solutions feature large, heavy and unsightly shutters. Stopline and Autofire fire windows not only meet architectural and aesthetic requirements but also offer a fire rating of -/60/- when tested in accordance with AS1530.4. The system complies with the relevant building regulations on windows for boundaries; Building Code Clause C3.4.

Smoke Control provides a complete range of solutions for protecting windows built close to a boundary including Stopline fire windows, Autofire automatic closing/operable fire windows, Metashield fire shutters, Windowshield fire curtains and Stopline fire rated glass blocks.