Ventilation Systems

Smoke Control provides design support, supply, installation, and commissioning of natural ventilation, and smoke and heat vent systems. Many of Smoke Control’s operable window systems are dual purpose natural ventilators, and when specified, some are also smoke and heat release ventilators.  

Operable window systems from Smoke Control conform to the requirements of EN12101 and AS2427: standards that test how a product operates under fire conditions. Operable window systems also reduce the risk of water leakage, some up to 600Pa.  

Smoke Control runs a number of tests on the components of operable window systems, including window frame, motor, hinges and gaskets, to ensure that they operate with maximum efficiency.  

Advantages of Smoke Control’s operable window systems

  • Building professionals only need deal with one company through the processes of Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance.
  • Genuine warranty for operable window systems incorporating support frame, window frame, motor, controls etc
  • Specifying and using Smoke Control’s operable window systems eliminates product liability for architects and other building professionals

Technical specifications of Smoke Control’s operable window systems
  • A complete range of operable window systems and louvre systems are available
  • Models with fully concealed operating mechanisms
  • Available with a range of fully tested motor, pneumatic and control systems to suit performance and budget
  • Windows available in a range of colours