Moduline curtain wall systems, available from Smoke Control , have been designed as a cost effective solution for specialist applications. These curtain wall systems are backed by continuous testing and development programs.

Moduline curtain wall system offers the appearance of a sleek, unobtrusive, four-sided structurally glazed glass wall with no visible method of mechanical retention. These curtain walls also provide an effective weather barrier that is aesthetically pleasing and practical, while achieving large spans of glazing without the need for additional supportive steelwork.

Moduline curtain wall systems provide the ability to achieve 120 minutes integrity or 120 minutes integrity and insulation passive fire protection. These fire curtain wall systems use a cold rolled, pre-galvanised or stainless steel profile, in combination with specifically produced fire resistant gaskets and pressure plate, ensuring pressure is maintained throughout any fire exposure.

Due to the unique system construction of the Moduline curtain wall, any thickness and type of fire rated glass can be accommodated, providing architectural flexibility and adaptability to achieve different fire ratings without changing the system arrangement.