The recent apartment fire in Bankstown, west of Sydney, has been a topical issue since the tragedy occurred on 6 September 2012.

The event has highlighted a number of issues which has sparked further investigation into the building construction industry, including:
  • building construction deficiencies
  • general lack of understanding in the building industry
  • role of the builders and certifiers
  • construction work quality
  • risk assessments
  • fire safety requirements
According to a report, it is unclear who certified the building for compliance with fire safety requirements, whilst another report which claimed the fire reached 1,000ºC, melted the aluminium window frames and metal railings, as well as burnt down the fire door.

Smoke Control have been meeting the challenging fire and smoke control requirements in residential and commercial buildings. According to the company, all of their systems are specifically designed to solve modern building issues.

Smoke Control's range of fire protection products include:
  • fire windows
  • fire shutters
  • fire and smoke curtains
  • smoke containment
  • fire rated window glazing
  • smoke and fire baffles
  • smoke and heat vents
  • natural ventilation
  • industrial shutters
Who can benefit from Smoke Control's fire resistant and explosion resistant systems?
  • Architects and Designers - enjoy design freedom and achieve the desired aesthetics and building functionality
  • Fire Safety Engineers and Consultants - specify systems with tested and proven performance
  • Developers and Builders - procure products that are easily commissioned immediately after installation, providing significant time savings
Smoke Control service many industries including construction, oil and gas exploration, petrochemical, mining, building services, power generation, manufacturing and defence.

Be at ease knowing that constant research and development continues to enhance their product offerings, bringing the most innovative technology to their customers for regular and unique project challenges.