Available from Smoke Control , Ecoshield fire curtains offer an economical fire control system to protect openings measuring 6m x 8m.

Ecoshield fire curtains are available with two operational options; the gravity fail safe closure or the motor driven closure.

Generally fitted as an individual curtain system, these fire protection systems can also use up to 20 connected curtains to offer larger compartmentation.

The motor driven closure is not compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), but when fast closure is necessary, as in manufacturing applications, the motorised system is appropriate as an alternative solution in the right configuration.

When BCA compliant systems are required the gravity fail safe system should be clearly specified.

Ecoshield fire curtains are fire tested up to 90 minutes with and without sprinklers.

Key features of Ecoshield fire curtains include:  

  • Excellent radiant heat shielding properties
  • Fire tested for use with sprinklers to reduce heat transmission further
  • Two different operation options
  • Fast fire curtain delivery