Smeg Australia have combined the best in stove-top performance and oven technology in their latest upright cooker, the CE91MXA upright.

The all stainless steel CE91MXA upright cooker from Smeg comprises a 900mm wide, five zone induction cooktop, and a nine function oven featuring the latest in thermoseal technology.

This upright cooktop has numerous stand-out features such as ease of use, the ability to reach an extraordinarily low simmer, and optimal energy efficiency that rivals that of gas cookers.

Induction cooking with this upright cooker works via a magnetic field created when a pot or pan of ferrous metal is placed on the cooking zone. This means only the pan is heated and not the surface of the cooktop. The advantages of this technology are numerous, and include:

  • much faster heat up times
  • faster cooking
  • instant temperature-variation-response via the controls; and
  • a cooler kitchen.
Additionally, the Smeg induction cooktop automatically switches off any cooking zone where there is a boil-over or the pan boils dry.

The induction cooktop on the Smeg CE91MXA upright features scrolling knobs for easy setting, nine heat settings per zone, and a residual heat safety flashing light when any cooking zone has reached a surface temperature of above 60ºC. Additionally, this cooktop is very easy to keep clean, requiring only a simple wipe over the smooth glass, which has no nooks, gaps or angles to harbour grease or food.

The fully programmable, 121L multifunction oven in the CE91MXA upright cooker is also feature rich, with nine cooking modes, including:

  • super cook for super fast heat using three elements
  • fan forced
  • rotisserie
  • baker’s function, whereby the bottom heat ensures crisp pastry bases for perfectly cooked custards and quiches
  • fan grill, ideal for cooking even the thickest of steaks to perfection; and
  • Eco, a low energy slow cook selection, ideal for winter recipes.
Stand-out features of this oven however are its eight pre-programmed recipes for dishes such as beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegetables, pizza and cakes, plus a programmable analogue digital clock to deliver fully automatic and semi automatic cooking which allows the oven to be set to turn on and off in advance. Two free memories are also available for programming favourite recipes.

Futhermore, to ensure a cooler, safer kitchen the double-glazed, thermo reflective door with forced air cooling system, ensures the surface temperature never becomes too hot to touch,
and notched trays and shelves mean the shelves are always stable and never pullout too far.

As is with the induction cooktop, cleaning of this oven is virtually effortless, thanks to the AA anti-acid easy-clean enamel coated oven cavity.

And, finally, for sheer convenience, the CE91MXA upright cooker features a 41L, full-width storage compartment beneath the oven, ideal for bakeware, pans and large utensils.