Smeg Australia has recently released a collection of five induction cooktops varying in size from three and four zone 60cm models to four zone 70cm and 90cm versions. An induction cooktop with a superb 100cm design with four cooking zones sitting side by side, meaning reaching over hot pots is a thing of the past, is also available.

Industry figures show that sales of induction cooktops soared by 42 per cent in the last year as people began to embrace the benefits of this relatively new technology. Induction cooktops have been available in Australia for about seven years, new generation models, with even more sophisticated features and benefits, are beginning to appear on the market.

Induction technology works whereby a magnetic field heats the actual saucepan or pot instead of the cooktop. Induction cooktops enable the user to cook food extremely quickly and have proficiency in maintaining extremely low and high temperatures. Induction cooktops are also extremely responsive – a temperature adjustment at the controls is reflected in the cooking zone immediately, not gradually as is often the case with radiant ceramic elements.

Induction cooktops do not get hot (only referred heat from the base of the pan) and there is no naked flame or gas. The cooktop’s cooking zones also have automatic pan-size recognition meaning that it adjusts accordingly. Induction cooktops will also automatically shutting down if there is an overflow or if a pot boils dry.

The new Smeg collection of induction cooktops goes even further in terms of performance and convenience with power boost features, cross-hair design and easy-to-use fingertip slide controls.

This new ‘Boost’ collection of induction cooktops delivers a power boost to each cooking zone whereby up to 3000 watts of power is used to bring the zone to the desired temperature ultra fast. It then reverts to the pre-selected temperature.

Each cooking zone has a cross-hair surface design that gives a clear indication of the size of the zone, whereby the horizontal line is the maximum size and the vertical line the minimum. Pots can be placed anywhere within these markings and the zone will induct to the size of the pot.

According to Smeg, induction cooktops and cooking hits all the sweet spots for home and professional cooks. Induction cooktops offer:

  • Instant temperature response
  • Automatic pan-size recognition
  • Automatic stop should the pan spill over or boil dry
  • Independent timers to each zone
  • A cooler kitchen environment; and
  • Safety lock function
And cleaning is easy – simply wipe over with a damp cloth. Even over-spills wipe off easily because the surface stays cool so they will not burn or stick.

The Smeg ‘Boost’ induction cooktops, in black glass with bevelled edges, are designed to gently slope to the surface of the benchtop to create an almost seamless work surface.