The new design initiative by well-known Italian kitchen appliance innovators, Smeg Australia , is an in-home brand adviser that can give instant information on everything from appliance technology and design to model dimensions, Smeg recipes and product compatibility.

Launched on December 1, 2008, the new Smeg website has been 12 months in the making and sets a new standard in terms of appearance, ease of use and quality of information for appliance websites.

The new Smeg website opens to a clean, visually stylish, logical web page that delivers the latest information on the company’s entire range of kitchen appliances while enabling the user to compare up to three appliances at a glance.

It is a helpful source of expertise when trying to decide, which appliance to team with another in order to satisfy individual aesthetic requirements and spatial constraints.

The site’s soft greys and deep red coupled with simple front-on appliance shots mean the eye – and the mouse – readily focus on the key points of interest.

A logical sequence of pages takes the user through a selection process that delivers highly relevant information in concise grabs. There is an option to compare up to three models within a category to ensure exactly the right appliance is selected for the individual – and informative suggestions on which appliances work well together.

The new Smeg website delivers a wealth of advice and information, at a glance – it is likened to having an experienced technician/designer in home at the touch of a button – and it is guaranteed to save consumers hours of time traipsing from store to store and queuing to see a salesperson.

Other information-rich options available at a glance are recipes, current catalogues, promotions, store locator, new releases, media coverage and product manuals.