The next generation domestic oven from Smeg Australia ticks all the boxes in terms of design, intelligence and performance, introducing a truly innovative appearance and new standards in terms of features and safety.

Smeg’s linear pyrolytic oven is a sculptural masterpiece of intersecting planes of satin stainless steel and mirrored glass plus skilfully lit control panels and switches.

When not in use the appliance exhibits a tiny glow point drawing negligible power – touch one control and the appliance comes to life.

The two control knobs are instantly illumined in a clear white light on blue base – and once one among these is activated, it leads logically into the next step of selecting the function required.

Times, temperatures and auxiliary prompts are displayed in white light on the LED control panel – it will even display the recommended shelf level(s) for specific menus and functions. Once selected, all cooking functions and menus change to orange light.

The SCA112XP has nine cooking functions, including defrost, that range from static bake and grill to fan forced baking and grilling, baker’s function (bottom element only plus fan), pizza baking and rotisserie. In addition to these are preset menus whereby regularly cooked dishes of beef, pork, poultry, lamb, fish, vegetables, pizza, biscuits and cakes can be pre-programmed.

All of these functions/menus are programmed to include preheat and main cooking temperatures and durations – and these can be reprogrammed temporarily or permanently to suit the user’s needs.

Smeg has placed great emphasis on safety when designing this appliance – features such as quadruple glazed door with forced air cooling, independent carcase cooling system and ceramic insulation are all designed to ensure the control panel, controls and door front remain safe to touch even during the high temperature (530˚C) pyrolytic cleaning.

There are also menus whereby the appliance can be completely locked down as a child safety measure or the selected cooking programme can be locked in to ensure it is not changed inadvertently before the process is completed.

Smeg’s thermoseal technology delivers fool-proof baking and grilling – temperatures are accurate and non-fluctuating and the oven is completely sealed, so meats and fish remain succulent and pastries and cakes do not suffer due to hot spots.

And when it comes to cleaning, the SCA112XP is completely self-sufficient – simply select the Pyrolytic function and the oven will lock shut during the 530˚C 90 minute cleaning process.

This extreme temperature literally carbonises all the grease and food particles from the walls of the oven, leaving a small pile of dust on the oven floor that can simply be wiped away.