The compact Linear steam oven from Smeg Australia offers a healthy, fuel-efficient cooking method. Part of the new Linear range of kitchen appliances the SC45V2 steam oven is just 45cm high and has a frameless, flat-plane of finger-print-resistant stainless steel and glass with backlit polycarbonate controls.   

Steam cooking has long been recognised as the healthiest, easiest form of cooking. Moisture is absorbed by food as it is steamed, reducing the risk of overcooking, but retaining vitamins, nutrients, flavour and texture.  

The Smeg Linear SC45V2 steam oven offers six functions – manual steam cooking, meat steaming, fish steaming, vegetable steaming, reheating and/or sterilising mode and defrost.  

Pre-set recipes (times and duration) for meat, vegetables and fish are also available for easy cooking, however all functions can be manually programmed to individual requirements.  

The re-heating function of Linear SC45V2 steam oven can be used to warm pre-cooked foods without losing texture or flavour, and the defrost setting thaws frozen foods safely, eliminating the partial pre-cooking that often occurs when using a microwave oven to defrost.    

The 1.4 litre water reservoir in the Linear SC45V2 steam oven is a flat, horizontal container that slides into the top of the oven cavity. An electronic thermostat ensures oven temperatures remain accurate and consistent. The Linear SC45V2 steam oven also features an eco programme that enables the appliance to reduce its total electricity consumption from 3.40kW to just 2kW, while maintaining a consistent steaming temperature of 100°C.  

Other features of the Smeg Linear SC45V2 steam oven are the electronic timer with end of cooking alarm, cooling fan, 24 hour delay start timer, water level warning light, descaling function and child lock.  

The Linear SC45V2 steam oven has a capacity of 35 litres, three cooking shelf levels, and a double-glazed removable door for easy cleaning.  

The Smeg Linear SC45V2 compact steam oven is designed for installation alongside other compact ovens within the Linear range – dedicated microwave, microwave/grill and/or microwave/multifunction oven – or can be installed above or below one of the Linear full-size 60cm multifunction ovens.