Introducing six new colours in its range of natural looking quartz surfaces, Smartstone is leading the way in quartz innovation.

Smartstone brings the best of engineered quartz surfaces to the Australian market sourced from the world's leading suppliers. 

The six new colours include: Athena, displaying the luminous depth of white marble; Milos, showing a warm beige with a light vein; Blanco Piedra, a creamy limestone beauty with a natural, organic pattern; Gris Roca, with steely grey good looks and versatility; Delphi, deep, dark and sleek; and Nero Galassia, with the rich elegance of black granite.

Displaying natural looking veined surfaces, the quartz surfaces in the Smartstone range now comprise of 24 versatile colours, offering consumers, designers and architects the prestigious looks of natural stone, with a host of practical benefits and greater affordability. 

Engineered for modern living, Smartstone quartz is a surface material of extreme durability making it highly resistant to impact, scratching, chipping, cracking, acids, oils and liquids such as wine and coffee, thanks to its composition of 95% quartz, which is the fourth hardest natural mineral after diamond, sapphire and topaz. Smartstone is a popular surface choice for kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities, lending itself to a vast array of interior applications.

Key benefits of Smartstone quartz surfaces include non-porosity; low maintenance and easy cleaning; 15-year Limited Warranty; and resistance to chipping and scratching.