Smartrock  is an established manufacturer of varieties of rocks and stones in Australia. It provides an alternative to natural rocks with the new, innovative, light weight and cost effective rocks.

The stones from Smartrock has a wide range of applications and can be used in landscape, residential, industrial, and commercial building projects. These stones possesses thermal stability with increased R-values. They also has smoke development and zero flame. The Smartrock stones control noise through its acoustic properties.

Field stones are available in a range of colors like flinders, glenrowan, and avoca. The Ledge stones in cheviot, avoca, nepean and flinders colours. The Stacked stones are available in delatite, cheviot and hotham shades whereas the Superstacked stones are available in the shades of Murchinson, cheviot and hotham.

The rocks are available in different models and dimensions. Installation of the stones or the rocks can be done with the help of mortar. The mortar is used to fix the stones on to the desired substrate. Prior to fixation of the rocks, the substrates must be primed. Fixing of stones on moist primer accomplishes best adhesion.