With an eye on the future, the parents, students and staff of Mayfield East primary school, have successfully lobbied local businesses to finance rainwater tanks to supply water to their amenities block and vegetable gardens.

Generous contributions from the Port Waratah Coal Authority allowed a 10,000 litre tank to be installed next to the amenities block. A pump and automatic mains back up system provide continual mains pressure to toilets and basins in the block.

To ensure the incoming water is free of leaves and debris from the surrounding trees, gutter from Smartflo Gutters was installed on all the feeder rooves.

Within 3 weeks of the gutter and tank being installed, the tank is showing just less than 8000 litres full and is providing water to the toilet block for all students and the after hours care centre.

The clean lines of Smartflo gutter complement the heritage architecture of the school, simultaneously providing protection from contamination for the tank.