The ABC Garden Show has set the benchmark for home and garden expos over the past several years by attracting and promoting a diverse range of sustainable and organic products in addition to the regular commercial offerings.

In 2007, the ABC Garden Show also showcased some of the innovative designs first aired on the New Inventors television program, hosted by the ABC’s irrepressible James O’Laughlin.

Smartflo Gutters  and Aquarius Watermaster again teamed up to present a comprehensive range of rainwater harvesting products which will collect and protect rainwater from the roof to the ground.

Smartflo’s signature dome shaped filters at 500mm centres, separate the rainwater from fallen leaves, draining the water through to the lower running channel, while retaining leaves on the broad shallow upper surface.

Exposure to the sun completes the drying process so that moderate winds can blow the leaves clear of the gutter to the ground.

Rainwater collected by the Smartflo gutter can then be fed through conventional downpipes to an Aquarius Watermaster first flush diverter, and on to high density polyethylene tanks also manufactured by Aquarius Watermaster.

In 2007, the new Aquarius slimline range at 1400 litres, 2200 litres and 3200 litres was introduced.

Natural synergies between Smartflo gutters and Aquarius Watermaster tanks have brought these two companies together for many homeshows and building expos over the past few years.