Many home owners are now looking to renovation as a means of increasing property value. These renovation projects often involve sustainable initiatives such as installation of water tanks. To achieve the goal of clean tank water, the gutters will generally require protection from leaves and silt. This is easily solved with the use of Smartflo Gutter systems.

While there are many combinations of quad gutter and leaf guards available for roofing renovations, Smartflo’s leafless gutter addresses several of the common problems associated with eaves gutters, as well as water tank collection.

During new building construction or renovations, Smartflo Gutters are easily installed onto most corrugated metal or tile roofs with a pitch over 6º. The design of Smartflo Gutters incorporates smooth clean lines which compliment architectural styles from the Federation period to the current day, and allow for rainwater collection if the home owner possesses a water tank.

The broad, shallow pre-gutter exposes leaves to the sun, which dries them out, allowing the wind to blow them off the pre-gutter. Rainwater drains through domed filters into the running gutter channel, which is kept clear of silt and compost by the pre-gutter. Therefore, the rainwater that runs into the water tanks is cleaner than that running from conventional gutters.

For anyone contemplating renovations, water tank installation or just gutter, Smartflo Gutters offers significant long term benefits.