EnviroFLO Systems Limited , manufacturers of quality rainwater products have redesigned their website to allow easier access to information and provide a basis for future on-line developments.

EnviroFLO aims to provide informative and useful solutions and advice to consumers looking at rainwater management options. With many years of experience in the rainwater harvesting industry, providing water management solutions to a wide range of customers Australia wide, EnviroFLO is involved with some of the biggest developments in Australia including Casuarina Beach in Northern NSW involving Michael Mobbs, a leading authority on sustainable living.

Locally EnviroFLO have been working closely with both councils and government departments to source and provide solutions to the ongoing problems faced by waterways including the reduction of stormwater and stress on water supplies.

EnviroFLO are also involved with the Kooragang City Farm and are developing a research program to monitor the effects of controlled water practices on the environment, produce and livestock. Future developments to the website will include on-line forums on sustainable and water issues, a water watcher program providing up-to-date statistics on water supplies (both local and Australia wide ), and an informative and helpful newsletter providing hints and tips on how the end user can make a difference by implementing environmentally sound practices.