Smart Systems SA  offer ducted vacuum systems and accessories. Some of the products and accessories include electric power head, nine metres hose, electric power head, turbocat power head, combination floor tool, specialty bare floor tool, dusting brush and crevice tool.

Smart Systems SA feel that as modern and innovative technology creates better ways to develop comfort at home in all types of weather conditions. Home has become a better place to live in over the years and it also attracts a large number of unwanted guests. When the home is sealed against the elements of nature, unconsciously an environment is created that is hazardous to health.

Smart Systems SA further points out that almost everything contains some form of chemical and those chemicals gradually leach out of the product and circulate around the house. Since the houses are sealed, the chemicals become concentrated and in turn are responsible in creating health problems. Conventional vacuum cleaners disturb these minute chemical particles and blow them around the room to let them settle on the furniture again. A central vacuum system from Smart Systems SA removes all the air collected during cleaning.