Smart Decor plastic panels made of durable PVC can deliver many advantages compared to other traditional wall materials.

The plastic panels are versatile and can be used almost anywhere including bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, house boats, offices, workshops, caravans, restaurants, and sports and leisure centres.

All plastic panels are durable, light-weight and waterproof – they are ideal for wet areas. Plastic panels will not expand or warp when affected by water or moisture, and will even protect underlying surfaces from external moisture.

Plastic panels are 10mm thick and easy to install, with no special tools or skills required. They are very much like conventional plaster board, fitting into commonly used building standards and sizes.

Other features include:

  • termite proof
  • fire retardant
  • recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • easy to clean
  • no maintenance required
  • no painting or tiling
  • mould resistant.
The plastic panels come in a large range of colours and decorative patterns to meet any design need.