A showcase of modern staircases has been revealed in the latest collection from Australia’s oldest stair manufacturer, S & A Stairs . The series features six new designs which take on a more contemporary approach to living with the use of stainless steel, dark stained timber, wire and glass.

The first from the ‘Modern’ series is the Modern 18, which is made of Victorian Ash with a dark stain. The L shaped, box staircase features strings which give the illusion of stacked boxes, and stainless steel posts with rigging wire running between the posts.

The Modern 20 is made of Victorian Ash with a dark stain and features a combination of open risers and glass panels, with a stainless steel handrail. The Modern 21 staircase is made of Spotted Gum with a clear stain, while the balustrade uses glass that is fixed to the closed strings with patch fittings. A stainless steel handrail completes the contemporary look.

The final staircase in the ‘Modern’ series is the Modern 22, which has been constructed out of Spotted Gum timber with a stained finish. Simple in design, it also features large glass panels and stainless steel balustrades and hand rail. This staircase is closed with treads and risers on display.

The ‘Curved’ series features two staircases. The Curved 3 is made from Paint Grade timber, painted and carpeted, with a stained hardwood handrail. The most unique feature is that the staircase is hung from the ceiling. The Curved 22 is also made from Paint Grade timber, painted and carpeted. It features a custom designed wrought iron balustrade with a continuous wrought iron handrail.