Nestled in North Melbourne’s inner suburbs, the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership bridges the gap between the old and new.

At the heart of this heritage listed building, rests a unique staircase that complements the history of the building and its new incarnation as a forward thinking education institute.

From S & A Stairs , the staircase needed to be both functional and creative, combining classic features with a contemporary twist.

With a building that was over 130 years old, the team wanted to acknowledge its history without creating a dated or old style feeling.

Originally built as a school in 1882 by Henry Robert Bastow, it is the ideal setting for a forward thinking educational facility. Boasting an array of design features, it was awarded the best facade of 2012 by the AWCI.

A classic balustrade maintains the past, while the modern spotted gum steps flooded by light makes it contemporary.

The brief called for different timbers and finishes to be combined in one stair, so as to create a balanced flow from the timber flooring to the neutral wall colour scheme.