The art of building geometric stairs can not be learned overnight. S & A Stairs carefully selects and trains a specialised team of people, who the company recognises as having the patience and skills required to visualise, design and craft a geometric stair to the customers' particular requirements.

Company founder, Alec Acquroff learned the art of crafting geometric staircases in Edinburgh almost one hundred years ago.

While he would be overwhelmed by the precision and speed of the modern computerised machinery, he would instantly recognise S & A Stairs’ ability to design stairs with a meticulous eye for line and detail as his legacy passed down through the generations.

Designed to dominate the entrance foyers of larger homes, a geometric stair will usually follow a curved wall and sweep up from the ground floor using broad, gracious flowing lines.

The geometric stair can be constructed in traditional or contemporary styles to give an equally ideal effect. Classic staircases that are designed and manufactured to high standards will never date.