Natural lighting specialist Skyspan Skylights introduces EziSlider, a new sliding access hatchway system designed to allow safe and easy access to roof spaces.

Featuring an innovative, safe and sturdy design, the EziSlider access hatchway system comes in a vast range of specifications, offering the perfect solution to any roof access need, especially in commercial applications.

A design highlight of the EziSlider access hatchway system is the unique assisted sliding mechanism that makes the access hatch suitable for use in high wind areas as it does not create the sail action problem associated with conventional hatchway systems. There are no rails at the rear of the hatch, eliminating trip hazards and increasing the safety aspect.

Key features of the EziSlider access hatchway system include high durability with Zincalume construction; also available optionally in stainless steel and aluminium; wide specifications range allows customisation to meet specific needs; built-in flashings manufactured from Zincalume steel designed to suit all types of Australian roofs; and lockable hatches and pull handle included.

Skyspan offers powder coating options as well as choice of a double skinned insulated lid for the access hatch. Designed for safety and ease of use, EziSlider access hatchway systems are simple to maintain.