Available now from Sky Factory Australia , Luminous Virtual Windows are ideal for transforming enclosed interiors into more spacious and memorable environments.

Luminous Virtual Windows are window-like frames that house photographic images of wild natural vistas. They hang on the wall to give the illusion of the outdoors where a window is not possible.

Available in several standard sizes or made to custom dimensions, these Luminous Virtual Windows have a slim profile that allows for surface mounting or recessed flush installation. There are also several trim styles in various woods and brushed aluminium to add an elegant finish to each unit.

To enhance the illusion of depth, Sky Factory Australia recommend installing Luminous Virtual Windows in pairs or groups. The addition of a long horizontal clerestory virtual window is also sometimes good.

This group installation method creates spaces in the continuous photographic scene, which allows viewers’ imaginations to fill in the gaps and heightens the illusion of space beyond the window.