Skirtec  have launched their Universal 2 channel PVC duct with a profile of 125mm x 35mm and centre mounted outlets. This Universal Duct comes in a simple convenience pack containing 3 x 2.7m lengths of duct along with accessories to suit most applications.

Accessories included in the pack are 5 x Outlet Mount Kits to suit either power or data grid plates, 2 x modular corners and 2 x end stops.

This packaged product is purposely aimed at the small installation end of the market but project quantities are also available. The convenience pack is also highly suitable for electrical wholesalers wishing to hold stock for product on demand.

Apart from the traditional 2 channel Skirting Duct applications, this duct is most suitable for use as a Bench Duct, Wall Duct, Riser and general Cable Ducting.

Manufactured from high quality PVCU with self extinguishing features, this duct is the most simple of all 2 channel ducting systems to install. Outlet kits can be inserted into the body of the duct by a quick snip and snap removal of the segregation barrier.

Cut ends of the clip in cover section can be neatly hidden from view beneath the edges of the grid plates thus alleviating the need for special cutting tools.

Available in either black or white, this duct system will suit most small cabling applications where tidy appearance and rapid installation is called for.