Skirtec Group stocks a number of different models of skirting and bench ducts. 3 channel skirting ducts come with aluminium bases and profile measurements of 150 mm x 35 mm. The base measures three metres in length and the cover is 1.9 metres.

Single outlet covers measure 160 mm, double outlet covers 295 mm and triple outlet covers 430 mm. These skirting ducts have an indicative cable capacity of up to 30 data/tel. with up to seven power cables. They are centre mount outlet kits which can be refurbished by cover change only.

3 channel skirting ducts come in black and clear anodised as well as powder coated in a range of colours. It is recommended that these skirting ducts are installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions with base sections fixed to walls at intervals not wider than 900 mm.