No one really thinks of typists, but they are out there and without them, there a lot of things would not get done.

These are the people who spend all day in front of a desk, entering piece of data after piece of data keeping information systems across Sydney, Australia and the world up to date.

For hours on end, these workers enter digit after digit and character after character making sure that when you pay for a traffic ticket, and get pulled over for another infraction, the computer will say you are up to date, and not in violation of the law for an unpaid ticket.

That can make all the difference between a warning or small ticket and a court violation that could have you sent to jail.

These are also the people who make sure pages of your medical records are transcribed property and put into a database so that if you have a medical emergency, your history can be brought up in record time, leading to a likely better diagnosis, and possibly the saving of your life.

Usually a lot of back aches and shoulder pain from the hours of typing and sitting in the same position doing their jobs.

As an employer, you can let typists know they are appreciated by buying them a better office chair to use at their workstation.

When purchasing office chairs for your typing staff, make sure they are ergonomically designed.

Ergonomic chairs available from SK Office Furniture are made to meet a list of criteria that will allow the user to have better posture, and more support of the portions of their body they are using more to complete their daily tasks.

In this case, an ergonomic chair will have good back support for the lower back, which is a sensitive area to damage from constant pressure and use.

The chair should have a built in lumbar support, even better if it is adjustable.

Ergonomic chairs will also allow the user the ability to control the height, and tilt of the chair to get into a position that is ideal for them.

Another important aspect to an ergonomic chair for a typist will be the armrests.

Since they are using their arms to type hour after hour, their shoulders and neck, which are holding up the arms, are susceptible to strain and damage.

A supportive chair will have armrests that are adjustable to any level, so the typist can situate their hands just over the top of the keyboard.

This position will avoid fording them to bend and flex wrists or hold up their arm to get their hands in the right position to use the keyboard.