Glassboards are suitable for modern communication offering a stain free writing surface that accepts any standard whiteboard marker.

Erasing is a breeze - simply use a standard eraser. The surface also accepts permanent markers which can be cleaned off using SK Office Furniture’s Parrot whiteboard cleaner.

Glassboards are suitable in meeting rooms, breakout areas and even formal boardrooms. Glassboards can be used anywhere communication points demand and where style is important.

Glassboards can be supplied in either a clear finish or in your choice of any standard Dulux pre painted finish.

The painted backing is oven baked and is completely blemish free. So you can now have a completely colour co-ordinated office environment.


Glassboards can be supplied in any size though generally SK Office Furniture recommends sizes up to 2400x1200mm. Sizes larger than this often have issues with lift access in high rise buildings. For larger areas simply place 2 units side by side.


Glassboards can be installed onto any wall. Installation is via either 4 or 6 stainless steel brackets (sizes 1200x1200mm or less accept 4 brackets and for sizes larger than this SK Office Furniture recommends 6 brackets - 3 top and 3 bottom).

The Glassboard is supplied to you predrilled with either the 4 or 6 holes. Installation generally takes 2 persons. The glassboard brackets are stainless steel and are manufactured in Australia to comfortably support any size of board.

Glassboards can also be installed directly onto any smooth clean wall using adhesive silicons. If this method of install is preferred, then there is no need for the brackets.


  • 6.38mm toughened glass which is 4-5 times stronger than normal glass (toughened glass breaks it into small harmless pieces like a car windscreen does)
  • All glassboard edges are polished and the corners are rounded for added safety and ease of use
  • Glass is supplied in original clear format. However, all glass has a slight green tint from the iron oxides used in making it. If you are matching colours exactly then this green tint can change the colour subtly. SK Office Furniture can however supply a totally clear glass called Starphire at an extra cost, which has the iron removed for a totally clear finish