Lanark offer a varied range of baths and spa baths in rectangle, oval and corner models and are available through the Sink and Bathroom Shop .  The different models are available as Hydro Spas, Air Bath Spas and Baths. 

The hydro spa bath is plumbed with numerous jets of different shape and size and is designed to extract water from the bath through a pump and recirculate through the hydro jets at high pressure.  The jets are located on the walls of the spa bath which provides massage options for the feet or back.  The different hydro jets available can offer from a soft massage to a deep tissue massage.

The air bath spa incorporates around 12 air injectors are attached to an air blower and are located on the floor of the spa bath.  Air is blow through all jets and offers an effective leg massage. 

A range of 9 freestanding baths are also available in modern and traditional claw foot designs.