World-leading quartz surfaces specialist, Silestone has introduced two new colours to its Nebula Series for kitchens and bathrooms.

The two new colours, Vortium and Dinux are inspired by the organic hues of space and give architects, designers and homeowners even more choice in colour, depth and pattern for kitchen and bath surfaces. Vortium, a light cream hue with dark flecks and Dinux, a dark chocolate brown with black tones join six other colours in the Nebula Series: Altair, Cygnus, Doradus, Lagoon, Lyra and Merope.

According to Gary Isherwood, Area Manager of Cosentino Australia, the new colours will be exclusively available to their network of approved fabricators for the first six months, following which they will be available for open sale.

Quartz surfaces in the Nebula Series offer a fresh, organic look for any kitchen or bathroom, where the deep, astral colours allow homeowners to bring these beautiful celestial phenomena into their homes.

Combining the inherent beauty of natural stone with all the benefits of Silestone natural quartz, the Nebula Series offers striking combinations that feature rich colour as well as superior physical-mechanical characteristics including resistance to impacts and scratching in addition to a unique bacteriostatic property for hygiene.