World-leading supplier of quartz surfaces, Silestone introduces the new Nebula collection of six colours with names inspired by nebulae in the universe. Nebulae are celestial phenomena that emit a halo of supernatural light.  

Featuring designs in warm, natural colours, Silestone Nebula quartz surfaces offer the possibility of creating stylish new environments thanks to the chromatic diversity, resistance and adaptability. The six new colours include Altair, Cygnus, Doradus, Lagoon, Lyra and Merope, which are characterised by their immense beauty, deep base colours, movement, continuity of veins, diffused colours, original forms and standardised design between slabs of the same colour.

The physical-mechanical characteristics of the Silestone Nebula colours make them an ideal choice for decorating kitchens and bathrooms.

Key features of Silestone Nebula quartz surfaces:

  • High hardness factor
  • Resistance to impact and scratches
  • Low absorption properties
  • Unique bacteriostatic property that improves hygiene
  • Available in polished and leather (matte) finishes
  • Large format size measuring 325cm x 159cm