Across the major cities of Australia, thousands of aircraft take off and land every day. Millions of people residing along the flight path of these planes are exposed to unwanted aircraft noise. With the growth in population and a corresponding increase in travel, air traffic continues to rise in cities, subjecting more and more people to significant noise pollution, which negatively impacts their health and quality of life.

Noise pollution from passing aircraft can significantly impact the lives of people exposed to the intrusive sound, leading to sleep disturbances at night and irritation during the day. For instance, those living in the flight path of Sydney Airport are already experiencing these problems.

However, Silenceair International offers a simple solution to mitigate these environmental noise problems emanating from aircraft in your home or office without impacting ventilation. You can now shut your windows and keep the noise out while allowing fresh air to enter your interior environment noiselessly with Silenceair acoustic ventilators.

Designed for installation within the wall cavity, the Silenceair wall vent remains completely concealed with only the colour co-ordinated air inlets and outlets visible on the inside and outside walls. The acoustic attenuator tubes inside the device purge 85% of the noise across a wide frequency range as it travels through the ventilator, enabling you to enjoy fresh air inside minus the noise.

Silenceair wall vents have been used for ventilation in apartment buildings in Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities for over 15 years. Ideal for new builds as well as retrofits in existing walls, these wall vents come with a range of accessories to assist installation in a wide variety of wall systems. 

Silenceair is approved by local governments and recommended by mechanical and acoustic engineers.