Project Information

The establishment of the Sydney Cricket Ground dates from 1854 and since then, it has turned into a sacred site of Australian sport. A venue revered by sporting stars and spectators alike, the SCG is easily recognisable by its heritage listed members and ladies pavilions.

The heritage listed members’ stand incorporates an earlier three storey stuccoed brick club room at the rear. As well as the lady members’ stand, which is an elegant two-level grandstand constructed of cast iron and with an extensive three storey members' room at the rear.

Project Background

The existing coating on the heritage listed ladies and members’ stands failed in many spots resulting in water leakage to the heritage structure. Years of partial repairs and patching with various materials declined the integrity of the floor coating allowing water to reach the stand’s structure and the lower spaces. In addition, using inadequate material and application process resulted in slippery or very coarse, hard to clean patches all over the floor.

Project Requirements

Replacing the existing floor coating in both ladies and members’ stands with a durable, trafficable waterproofing membrane to withstand tremendous movements of the building during the matches and to meet the strictest Australian standards for safe, non-slip floors.

Sika Solution

  • Sika proposed full removal of the existing floor coating from all raisers and landings, removal of all sealant in the joints, prep and sand the surface followed by applying Sikafloor 160 broadcasted with 30/60 quarts sand, then applying 3x coats of Sikafloor 400N.
  • For the non-slip, 8% of white Aluminium Oxide was mixed into the final coat of Sikafloor 400N to achieve P5 anti-slip rate.
  • Sikafloor 400 N was thickened by Sikadur 513 for vertical application on the stand raisers.
  • Corner joints were sealed using Sikaflex Fillet and trafficable joints by Sikaflex TANK.
  • Sika also proposed to carry out a 20m² test sample on the ladies’ stand to assess the substrate conditions, moisture content of the substrate and to conduct a pull off test and slip test for documentation purpose.

Project Details

Project Size: 400m²

Sika Representative/ Project Manager: Farzad Amirzadeh

Date: September 2019

Location: Sydney Cricket Ground Moore Park

Sika Customer/ Contractors: Australian Polymer Flooring

Sika Products Used:

  • Sikafloor 160
  • Sikafloor 400N
  • Sikaflex Fillet
  • Sikaflex TANK
  • Thinner C
  • Sikadur 513