Sika Australia  has been at the forefront of Concrete Repair and Protection Technology since the 1980s.

Sika Australia offer product that meets new market demands, challenges and technology requirements.

SikaQuick 2500 (au), available from Sika Australia, is a single component cementitious patching mortar for concrete. The product sets rapidly and attains high early strength.

These features make SikaQuick 2500 (au) ideal for use on for highway overlays, structural repairs to concrete roadways, parking structures, bridges, ramps and dams as well as for repair of industrial floors where down time is critical.

The fast setting repair mortar allows foot traffic over the repaired area after 45 minutes and vehicular traffic after an hour at 25°C.

Following throughout surface preparation, SikaQuick 2500 (au) is mixed into the required amount of water using a slow speed mixer to prevent air entrapment.

Due to its rapid setting capabilities, SikaQuick 2500 (au) pot life is 15 minutes. Standard concrete curing practice is recommended after, which the repair mortar can be over coated with a protective coating, surface levelling compound or epoxy or wide range of other products.

The mechanical and physical properties of SikaQuick 2500 (au) include the following:

Density - 26kg/l
Pot life - 15 minutes
Modulus of Elasticity - 31GPa
Initial set (ASTM C-266) - 21 minutes
Final set (ASTM C-266) - 26 minutes

Compressive strength:

  • 1 hour - 15MPa
  • 2 hours - 22MPa
  • 1 day - 46MPa
  • 7 days - 90MPa
  • 28 days - 118MPa

Flexural strength:

  • 1 day - 5.5MPa
  • 7 days - 9MPa
  • 28 days - 7.6MPa

Modulus of Elasticity - 31 GPa
Initial set (ASTM C-266) - 21 minutes
Final set (ASTM C-266) - 26 minutes