The modernisation of The Hague Central Railway Station in Netherlands saw the transformation of the Anna van Bueren square into a lively city space.

Surrounded by the public transport terminal, a university, cultural institutions, ministries and companies, the square acts as a resting point in the middle of the busy city. The square is composed of green and water areas to keep it clear and open, and the space between the station hall and the National Archive has a fountain with seat edges and sprayers.

The floor of the fountain is made up of 729 mosaic tiles; when viewed from a distance, for example, from the tram or the central station, one can see the life-size face of Anna van Bueren. The tiles are made of terrazzo, an architectural concrete with polished natural stone. Integrated in the terrazzo tiles are big black dots, each varying in size to create the artistic mosaic.

A good sealant was required to waterproof the joints between the different tiles. Given that there would be permanent exposure to water, durable adhesion of the sealant to the tiles was crucial. Therefore, the tile flanks were first coated with Sika Primer-3 N and then, all joints between the tiles were sealed with Sikasil Pool sealant, which is chlorine resistant and suitable for permanent contact with water.

Project Participants

Owner: Municipality of The Hague

Contractor: Van Dijk Maasland B.V.

Producer: Terrazzo Tiles. Tomaello B.V.

Installer: Dam Kitwerk B.V.

Sika Organisation: Sika Netherlands