Sika Australia  started in 1976 and is part of the Sika Group of companies. Sika Australia specialises in providing adhesives and sealing systems for the construction and industrial sectors. This company is also accredited to ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 14001. 

Sika provides various products for bonding and sealing of automobiles. Sika Australia supplies vehicle manufacturers with polyurethane adhesives and sealing systems as an alternative to riveting, wielding and screw fixing. Use of these adhesives prevents problems like shearing, distortion, thermal expansion and corrosion of materials.

Sikaflex, an elastic adhesive for trucks and trailer vehicles, is also ideal for rail assemblies where different materials are fastened together. Plastics and modern components are heat sensitive and may be damaged if traditional processes are used on them. Sika Australia's sealing system provides gives permanent bonding for such components.

Sikatransfloor rapid is an epoxy polyurethane adhesive used for flooring in commercial vehicles, tail lift, access ramps and so on.

The adhesives and sealing systems from Sika Australia are also used in other vehicles. When used in tractors and construction equipment, lower noise levels are exhibited. The structural adhesives are also used in modern fire engines, catering trailers, caravans, ambulance, delivery vans and horse trailers.

Adhesives in buses used on side windows and panels increase the torsional stiffness and add structural rigidity to the vehicles. With buses made from self supporting bodies, these sealing systems add integrity to the body of the vehicle which performs all the bearing.