Sika Australia  offers chemicals used in concrete for construction industries. Admixtures is a major category of construction division product from Sika Australia. Water reducing admixtures made of ligosulfonate, mid range water reducers, water reducing set retarding admixtures and water reducing accelerators minimize the requirement of water needed to mix with concrete. These products also aid in screening and reduce shrinkage.

Air entertaining agents from Sika Australia improves the workability of concrete mix, and is used to increase durability of roadways, motorways, bridges, dams, runways. Sika Air, Air LS, AER are the three air entertaining agents available.

Accelerators for increasing the early strength of concrete, high range water reducers, retarders and accelerators, masonry admixtures for low slump concrete, stabilizers for stabilizing the concrete mixtures, specialized admixtures, mortar admixtures and fibres to reduce plastic shrinkage in concrete mixtures are also available from Sika Australia.

Surface treatment products include surface retarders for use in low retardation conditions, evaporation retarders used in concrete surfaces, form release agents for prevention of moulds on fresh concrete and curing compounds for protecting water loss from concrete. Number of products are available under each category of these surface treatment products.

For structural strengthening carbon fibre reinforced polymers and structural epoxy are used. The polymers are used to strengthen timbre and concrete while epoxy is an adhesive to fill in construction materials.

Epoxy grouts and cemenitious grouts are offered by Sika Australia to fill the voids between the foundation and machine bases. This will prevent alignment difficulties that may arise due to structural irregularities.