All Signature Spa baths are an assurance of a sound investment in total comfort, quality, the ideal materials available and a life time of value.

Each spa bath has been brilliantly constructed, allowing the  to focus on the beauty, safe in the knowledge that a Signature Spa Bath will always provide them with a life time of body correct comfort.

It is a world where attention to quality, detail, genuine value and total comfort are a way of life.


To stand the test of time all Signature spa baths are manufactured with quality sanitary grade acrylic, heavily reinforced with fibreglass. This material offers the ideal combination of aesthetics, durability, high lustre, ease of maintenance and resistance to stain. Signature Spas manufactures its spa baths with pride and pass them on to people who will be proud to own them for the rest of their lives.


For mind and body real comfort is no luxury, it is a mental and physiological necessity. As the consumer sits back or lie down in a well designed spa bath, amazing things happen to the whole body. The muscles begin to relax,  blood starts to circulate more freely and the body takes a well earned rest. Every element of the entire Signature Spa Bath Range has been developed to allow the consumer to understand the real meaning of comfort.


With the body in mind, each spa bath is individually designed to position and support entire body correctly. the consumer will feel the difference immediately. As the consumer sits in a Signature Spa Bath, the result is genuine rest and relaxation. Contoured arm rests, full body lumbar support, padded head rests, deep sunken seating and elevated foot areas have all been orchestrated to give the consumer a wide choice, a good value and a captivating effect in the bathroom.