Jet Fox has been assisting Signature Floors and their clients with water jet cutting services, allowing precision and intricate flooring designs to be executed across various projects.

Designers needn’t be limited by the set square format of carpet tiles, rubber tiles or even roll rubber; depending on the design, one can incorporate stylish curvatures, graphics and even logos and integrate them right into the floor.

Techniques such as water jet cutting and CNC routing are used in the automotive and aviation industries for their ability to deliver precise cutting results with a high degree of accuracy and finish, allowing for greater flexibility and creativity in designs. These techniques can be used on most materials since the process does not have a heat influence that could potentially affect the material structure.

A specialist provider of water jet cutting services for over 10 years, Jet Fox has been working with Signature and their clients over the years to deliver impressive flooring design outcomes.

For instance, Jet Fox has helped execute challenging projects for Signature’s Indesign stand in 2017 as well as Samsung Kids Zone and Fit Kidz Childcare Centre.

The design needed to be replicated accurately using Signature products while adhering to specific branding requirements. In addition to precision, it was also important to ensure that the flooring could be installed easily.

The clients were impressed that Jet Fox was able to go from concept to reality easily, and were amazed by the precision of the designs.

Credits: Jet Fox (Water Jet Cutting and CNC Routing)