Various designs from the luxury vinyl tile (LVT) collection by Signature Floors were selected for the flooring at the new Airbnb offices in Sydney.

The brief for the Sydney office interiors was to create themed meeting rooms based on their global listings. For instance, the Swedish inspired sitting room would have a relaxed and chic atmosphere.

The interiors needed to reflect the connection between people and spaces, which lay at the core of Airbnb’s values. The workspace also had to emphasise the strong social and collaborative culture by introducing an inviting and casual vibe that would inspire employees to move around the office and use different spaces to work.

The Bold Collective selected Signature’s Moduleo Transform LVT for its hard-wearing but natural appearance, recreating a homely feel that emphasised the Airbnb motto ‘Belong anywhere’.

Moduleo Signature Verdon Oak 24117 was selected for the Scandinavian themed room for its cool and contemporary style, while the Montreal Oak 24570 was chosen for the Kangaroo Valley Cabin Boardroom to suit the rustic feeling of the meeting room.

Moduleo LVT has the widest range of timber plank design variations, allowing the designers to create uniquely-styled rooms. The collection also offers easy application and greater flexibility.

Project challenges included the tight timeframe, and the need for the designs to be approved by the San Francisco-based head office.

Signature Floorconcepts was chosen for the flooring project thanks to their excellent customer service and instant stock availability. The wide variety of on-trend and classic LVT designs fully met Airbnb’s diverse interior needs.

Client Feedback:

“Very happy with the end result – the atmosphere and environment that Airbnb wanted to create are perfectly translated into each different room installation.”

Credits: The Bold Collective