When it comes to selecting the most perfect carpet for your home, don’t let the multitude of options in the market confuse you.

How do you determine which is the most appropriate carpet for your environment? What is an ideal carpet when you have pets in the house? Is there a durable option for high-traffic areas? Are there carpets that can be more easily cleaned and maintained?

Obviously, not all carpets are the same. For instance, there are four carpet pile types in the carpet collection by Signature Floors: Twist, Loop, Plush and Woven. Then there are the yarn choices: Pure Wool, Nysoft, SDN, Polypropylene and Polysoft.

Thanks to modern technology, there are now many treatments, benefits and features that are designed to suit particular installations.

Signature works with manufacturers all over the world to develop innovations that enhance the touch, performance and longevity of carpets, even under the toughest conditions.

How do you choose your carpet, then?

First, finalise the look you want and then compare the fibres to see which one will best suit your home style, preferred features and budget.

This Carpet Guide by Signature Floors will help you understand the options when selecting the perfect carpet for your home.