Signature Floors introduces a curated collection of vinyl plank flooring designed to address the challenges faced by designers in selecting products that are fit for purpose while working within tight timeframes.

88 Planks is Signature’s expertly curated vinyl flooring collection that uses colour and classic materials such as wood and stone as inspiration in unique and bold ways – much like the works of design visionaries Charles and Ray Eames, Barbara Hepworth and Piet Mondrian.

Streamlined from selection to installation, Signature’s new flooring system delivers the look and feel of a range of natural wood and stone varieties. With a broad colour palette and acoustic properties, the collection assures efficiency, saves time and enables flexibility in bespoke as well as large-scale projects.


88 Planks by Signature is inspired by the beauty of the natural world, capturing timber’s many varieties, subtle hues and textures, and enhanced with greater durability, practicality and strength. Rethink expectations and create new possibilities, just as the Eames’ did. A new icon could well be in the making.


Whether sculpted by time, weather, water, wind or man, natural stone’s textures, form and fluidity have inspired the 88 Planks collection. Like modernist sculptor Barbara Hepworth, Signature’s vision is to push the boundaries and go beyond, keeping in mind the qualities of the original material. Let new frontiers in surface and space unfold.


In artistic hands, clever details and striking colours are a powerful combination. No more so than when there is mastery at work, such as abstract artist Piet Mondrian, who understood the power of limiting his palette and composition. Seize the chance to create a singular vision.


When sound mitigation, privacy and peace of mind are important design goals, especially in multi-storeyed apartments or over existing floors, select 88 Planks.