Carpet tiles from Signature Floors met the designer’s brief for a hardwearing flooring solution that would meet both durability and aesthetic considerations at a new community recreation centre in suburban Melbourne.

Part of a vibrant new residential community located in the suburb of Tarneit, Victoria, Club Heartlands Recreation Centre has been designed by Louis Chiodo Architects for the exclusive use of residents, helping them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Featuring state-of-the-art equipment along with extensive services and activities, this recreation centre serves as the heart of the community.

For the gymnasium, designer KRN Design sought a robust flooring product that could withstand the rigours of public use while also complementing the styling and design of the rest of the recreation centre. The design objective was to create an inviting fitness facility with colourful accents of modular carpet tiles that would appeal to a broad range of patrons.

KRN Design selected Signature’s Friendly Tiles - Kinetic in Snappy 102 colour and Intelli Tiles - Vivid in Lip Stick 27, Aqua Marine 31 and Nutty Pistachio 02 colours for the application.

The orientation of the modular tiles for the gymnasium was carefully planned with drawings to ensure that each strand of accent colour from the Vivid collection was meticulously laid in a zig-zag pattern, and adequately spaced in the Kinetic range to achieve the desired design outcome.

Why Signature Floorcoverings:

Signature’s carpet tiles provided colour as well as texture, which was evident from a distance, rather than from touch alone. In addition to the quality factor, the carpet tiles also met the sustainability criteria of the project. The designer appreciated the support provided by Signature’s architectural representative throughout the project.

Client Feedback:

The clients are pleased with the outcome, as it redefines the customary application of neutral coloured modular carpet tiles, with the integration of colour and pattern variations creating visual interest as well as an additional element of movement to the space.

Photography: Rachel Lewis Photography