Carpet tiles from Signature Floors were specified for the Mullum Mullum Stadium in Melbourne to meet the requirements for a contemporary carpet installation throughout the space.

Designed by Mantric Architecture, the Mullum Mullum Stadium in Donvale is one of the largest community sporting facilities in Melbourne’s East with five courts. The bushland setting of the indoor stadium inspired the architects to provide a design intervention that harnessed the pristine natural beauty of the location.

The primary challenge for the design team was to manage the very large volumes of an indoor stadium in a manner that respected the bushland environment. Key objectives, therefore, included maximising the sustainability initiatives and lowering the impact on the environment with appropriate material selection.

Signature Floors was chosen to provide a contemporary carpet solution that perfectly combined functionality, texture and colour while also meeting the project’s sustainability goals.

Mantric selected Verve+ carpet tiles from Signature Floors as they provide 100% Green Star points to meet the project’s green objectives while also delivering outstanding soil and stain resistance for a highly durable and long-lasting floor.

Why Signature Floorconcepts:

Mantric Architecture sought to provide a flooring finish that had the same textural quality as the external façade, integrated the colourways of the building, and also enhanced visual appeal. The textures within the carpet tiles conceal dirt, which is particularly useful in a functional sporting arena, while also minimising the traditional ‘carpet tile’ look.

The client is delighted with the building and its ability to provide a community hub experience that perfectly reflects the environment.