A custom-designed hand tufted rug from Signature Floors used a bold colour palette to create a striking impact at the Ashmore Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast.

Working closely with HHH Architects, the Signature Studio team delivered a stunning custom-designed hand tufted rug during the refurbishment of the shopping centre. The vibrant palette used on the bespoke rug was inspired by the colours on the shopping centre’s logo, and stood out dramatically against the neutral palette of the tiles.

The brief for HHH Architects was to provide a flooring solution that catered to the needs of the shopping centre’s aging customer base. The hand tufted rug, therefore, needed to provide a safe flooring option to avoid the possibility of trip hazards while delivering a design that suited a traditionally more conservative client.

Working with the in-house designers at Signature Studio, HHH Architects was able to deliver the perfect custom carpet solution for this project. The hand tufted rug combines a bold use of colour with texture to provide a statement piece that works well with the environment. Texture has been cleverly woven into the pattern to add depth, interest and practicality.

This custom carpet has become the centrepiece of the space, while maintaining a hard-wearing and high-quality finish that is required for the commercial environment.

Client Feedback:

HHH Architects stated that the design process with Signature was a pleasure. Both architect and client feedback was taken on board and revised designs were created by the in-house design team to allow us to find the perfect fit. Signature has provided a quality, well wearing product that looks great and has since received much positive customer feedback.