Sign Industries  products are made by going through different stages. The design of the product is made using a computer by working in Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw and Signlab. While making their products Sign Industries consider the durability, the materials to be used, the location , the style, the function, the taste of the customer and the budget of the product.

Some of the products of Sign Industries are Braille and Tactile Signage,Custom Signage, Polished Lettering, Illuminated Signs, Brass Plaques, Free Standing Signs which are used Indoor and Outdoor, Department Id Signage , 3D Cut out Letters, Notice Boards – Custom, Personnel Signage, Wayfinding Systems, Directories and Statutory Signage.

Fabricate 3D is another product which is introduced recently by Sign Industries. These are available in different designs including 3 dimensional,curved faced and prismatic designs. The precision welded fabrication is also available in different materials. Fabricate 3D can be used in branding, as cooperate identities, in making company logos and also as a signage.