A hotel builds its reputation on the positive experiences of its guests. A successful hotel is one that actively contributes to the guest experience by continuously interacting, learning and adapting to its users.

Guests choose hotels based on several factors. A hotel room is not just a place to stay overnight or a few days; guests seek a personalised experience such as getting a mobile key access or a mobile-based loyalty program that delivers benefits beyond their actual stay.

Today, up to 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience. A smart hotel offers excellent opportunities to deliver personalisation including providing a frictionless guest experience, operating a sustainable building, and ensuring seamless security.

The right combination of people, technology and services can assist a smart hotel in ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for guests. Siemens Building Technologies offers solutions that enable employees to work together as a smooth service team, allow hotels to become greener and more profitable, and transform the property into a first-choice destination for guests.

What does a smart hotel offer?

Make guests feel at home

By promising and delivering a perfect stay, a hotel can ensure guest loyalty for the long term.

A smart hotel of the near-future would offer a Wi-Fi network that recognises an arriving guest’s smartphone, instructs the property management system to automatically check them in, unlocks the door to their room, and instantly adjusts the lighting and temperature settings to their predetermined preferences.

When the guest finishes their room service meal, the internet-connected dining tray senses that they are finished and alerts housekeeping for pickup. This seamless guest experience is enabled by multiple devices and systems that communicate with each other.

This customised guest communication and digitalised journey is the key to an unforgettable experience for the guest.

Frictionless guest experience through digitalisation

A smart hotel experience is delivered through digitalisation. By continually interacting, learning and adapting, a smart hotel supports the experience for both guests and staff. Digital access to the hotel and room, personalised interaction with the environment and automatic fault detection are just a few aspects of the complete guest experience.

Mobile access control

Business travellers need the flexibility to access the hotel and their room at any time. Mobile access control provides hotel guests with digital access to the main facility and their rooms based on predefined protocols. All access is managed centrally through the building management system, adding efficiency to the process.

Personalised interaction with a room

Maximising comfort for the guest during their stay at the hotel is important for business success. The Desigo Room Automation (DRA) solution combines controls for the temperature, lights and blinds in one master controller. It enables the Smart Room Operator software to give full control of room settings to users on different devices.

Automatic fault detection and diagnosis

Guest comfort and satisfaction can be compromised by faults in the room, especially if they don’t get reported. Faults can be detected, diagnosed and reported by means of a smart building recorder, ensuring guest satisfaction through timely resolution.

Three modules of the holistic smart hotel solution

Comfort, sustainability and safety – these are the three key aspects of a complete smart hotel offering for guests, which will ensure business success. You will not only increase the competitive business advantage and staff productivity, and save costs, but also build up your guest loyalty and brand image.

Frictionless guest experience

Room control applications allow guests to easily control temperature, ventilation, and other functions on their smartphone or tablet to increase their personal comfort levels. In addition, circadian lighting control follows the guest's natural rhythm, increasing comfort and speeding up recovery from a jet lag.

Sustainable building

Energy consumption accounts for up to 10% of the total operating costs of an average hotel. Therefore, efficient energy management is the key to ensuring a reliable power supply, reducing energy costs, minimising environmental impact and making. energy consumption and room usage in the building transparent.

Safety and security

Siemens’ safety and security solutions help to protect people, assets, and processes by safeguarding data integrity, reputation and business continuity. We aim to enhance your competitive position through increased stakeholder confidence and transparency of the service.