Siemens Building Technologies has released a new sketchbook of ideas that presents Geelong with four possible ‘futures’ that could help the city leverage technology to drive economic growth and deliver a better quality of life for its people.

Developed collaboratively by a team from Greater Geelong and Siemens Centre of Competence for Cities in London (with Australian inputs), the four futures include: Creating a smart tech and transport hub; Digital industry (Industry 4.0) and energy; Agro-tourism; and 3D printing.

Based on the aims of Greater Geelong and Siemens’ strong history of support for developing cities across the globe, the futures showcase the importance of key global and Australian economic, industrial and technology movements and the opportunities they will present for Geelong.

City of Greater Geelong Administrator Chair Dr Kathy Alexander said the timing was right to consider what Geelong could be as the city developed a final 30-year Our Future vision for the region. She observed that many of the suggestions in the Siemens report aligned with community feedback received during the first stage of the Our Future engagement.

Dr Alexander added that the report was an excellent contribution to the thinking that will go into the city’s Our Future assembly on May 6, where the community will be deciding the final 30-year vision for Greater Geelong.

Observing that only liveable cities will compete in an urbanised world, Siemens Australia and New Zealand CEO Jeff Connolly said they have worked with a range of cities at different stages of development and technology adoption including San Francisco, London, Vienna and Adelaide to help identify future pathways that leverage technology. He added that Geelong was perfectly poised to plan for and implement new strategies that will help deliver sustained economic growth.